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martes, 28 de julio de 2009

Working Day...

Oh, sí, por fin me resigné a hacer un blog. No parece tan malo, igual simplemente hay qe subir alguna qe otra bobada y ya, ¿no? Servirá para guardar cosas personales, supongo.
Al principio no sabía con qe empezar esta cosa ._. osea, qé poner de entrada, y me dije 'pues eso mismo, qe no sabes qe poner' y heme aqí, de ociosa, escribiendo lo qe me viene a la mente ._.

Pues well, hoy me dediqé nada menos qe a descargar 'New Perspective', ver twitters y buscar noticias de Panic! -culpa de ale- para ver como va la cosa -.- Me dieron MUCHA risa algunos comentarios del MySpace de Young Veins, como este:
You guys think leaving negative comments is really gonna change anything? New Perspective has nothing on this. Too mainstream sounding... and all the voice overs? I mean like, what the hell? It's about time we have something classic and original. I'm sorry that these boys take influence from some of the greatest bands of all time. Bands that a bunch of you don't even give the time to listen to. You listen to the music on the radio and it all sounds like the same pop shit. And as for the coke rumors, believe everything you hear huh? Ryan spoke out about it, isn't that enough? He usually doesn't involve his personal life with the media and yet that seemed to be such an astonishing insult from his so called "fans" that he came out to say something. The only reason they seem like the bad guys is because Brendon and Spencer kept the name Panic! At the Disco. It was a decision the four of them made. Hating on these two is going to be a waste of time, just like I'm wasting my time writing this. And this doesn't exactly sound like The Beatles. What? Is that the only classic band you guys know of? I hear influence from The Beach Boys and The Kinks totally. Listen to the lyrics, they're so Ryan. They're not readable like everything on the radio that has a girl as an influence. With Ryan, he has his part and knows what he's writing about. With us, we can imagine things with his words and maybe its a little too much for the non-intellectual type, I don't know. If you guys are so called "fans" then you would wish the best for these guys and quit shitting on them and believing everything you hear. You don't even have to like them personally because it's not about that. It's about the music and if you're too dumb to realize that then take your bullshit somewhere else. Negativity is the LAST thing these guys need for you already shit on them for leaving the band. Like I said, it was a decision they ALL

O este, mi favorito:
This song sounds familiar, and I agree with this Kelli girl below me. Theres this band called the Beatles and you should check them out! I think you might enjoy them. Brendon Urie and Spencer are doing a great job by not rewriting other band's songs! You should take a look and see if maybe you could try that out. I like Jon though! He's funny. Ryan you just kinda do coke, its weird.

Aunqe bueno, ya hay muchos más comentarios :)
Lo de ahorita son ellos -.- ¿porqé carajos no dejan de compararlos? 'Change es mejor qe New Perspective' 'Prefiero P!ATD' osea, por favor, ¿no se enteraron qe son diferentes bandas? no hay punto de compración. P!ATD una vez fueron Brendon, Ryan, Spencer y Jon. Ahora son Brendon y Spencer. Y salió una nueva banda, "The Young Veins". No entiendo, sicneramente, como pueden copararlos ._. es gente infantil qe qiere guerrilla, ser prepotente (si, puede qe también me refiera a Ross y Walker).

APAARTE de eso xD me puse a hacer esta cosa x) raro en mi, qedé contenta con el resultado. Ya veré después como sigue esta madre~ También seguí escribiendo el fic Joncer, "Oh Glory!" qe también, me está agradando (Y).
En fin, creo qe ya fue mucho D:
(H) bye

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